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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


short attention span theatre presents...

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umm. are these the same sweater? apparently, i altered the measurements for this little number when i knit the back. but, so much time has passed since, that i forgot all about that when working on the front. the results... pieces beautifully suited to picasso's most lovely of his cubist period ladies.

anyway. we're still getting occasional bouts of progress on this, and it will get done some day.

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i'm finding the stockinette socks very boring. next up will be some lace treatment or texture of some sort. i have this opal to knit up; it's another jacquard. any ideas on a fun stitch that won't be obscured by the yarn color pattern?


sock love

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there are a lot of things i love about this sock. first, the neato striping yarn. plus, i learned a new toe up technique. also, i find the afterthought heel super duper. and i just love the way the picot edge looks when the sock is relaxed. BUT, i hate the way the same edge looks when it's stretched around my ankle, so much so that i won't even show you that.

what i will show you is what a fine job i did constructing that cuff that i am about to rip and redo. i followed the excellent picot tips on claudia's page, adding ribbing. my little ribbing trick was to invert the ribbing pattern after the eyelet row so that once folded over, a rib would nestle into a valley rather than bumping up against itself. get it? don't think too hard, just move along, unless it's something you wanna try, then visualize my brilliant idea and give me credit. you can stop just short of congratulating me; as you see, i'm quite cabable of doing that for myself.

obviously, as i was making a toe up, i adjusted claudia's directions for binding off once the cuff was folded on itself. i do like this so much and will certainly try it again for a sock that doesn't end at my ankle, probably without the ribbing.

Image hosted by cuff from the inside, close up, admire before i rip and redo...

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lastly, i'm excited about my first kitchener, it went fine; i only had to camouflage one little flub when i wove in my end.
as i embark on knitting sock two, bea will continue with her current projects that are growing more hair and teeth.


spoiled rotten,

that's me.
yesterday was stitch and bitch. i went with a spring in my step as i hoped chris would remember that she offered a prize to her 100th commenter and i was it. i had dropped out of the group for a few weeks, so it was possible that she forgot all about it. well, it would have been possible, had i not reminded her at the previous meeting... and on our board just before yesterday's meeting. and being that it was chris, and the potential for something fabulous existed, i would have kept hounding her but i didn't have to because she did remember, and look what she brought!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comhere it is with my homely handspun nestled against it.

it's just the softest thing you can imagine. a blend made with her own angora. what was it blended with? silk? chris? i can't remember what else, the soft skein just calls angora so loudly to me that whatever the other fiber is was drowned out before it reached my ears. when i showed it to dah he wondered if i could knit him underwear. a suggestion, however in jest, too uncouth to comment upon further.

spoiled enough? no, chris also brought one of her wheels and i hogged it all night! i tossed out some half hearted sound bites to the effect that i would get my ass out of the way if someone else fancied a turn but i didn't back it up with body language. i stayed parked, and the ladies were too nice, they let me keep going. i promise not to next week. please excuse my selfish behavior. my yarn prize made me feel like a queen, and i started acting like one.

lessee... among other things, fabric to line buttonhole bag purchased. socks progressing. final hoodie stalled. that is all.


nail biter

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here is what i have felting in the machine as i write this. didn't swatch, don't know if the classic elite two two will felt. the purple also has a strand of lamb's pride in it. the solid portions are two strands held together. the houndstooth is one strand of each color, making two total, one carried, one stitched. the color work is floppier, will it even out in the wash? will it be a cute buttonhole project or will all these elements combine as a recipe for disaster?

the weather is finally so beautiful that even a felting disappointment won't be able to dampen this day.


luke skywalker vs. puss n' boots

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back and front.

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front and back.

link to hoodies on sidebar under nite knitting.
good pattern to knit for active tykes.


a finished te rosada sleeve. next on the agenda, further dismantling of the original sweater.

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and a finished hoodie. it's a little too warm for it to be shown off by a live model today. i'm hoping we'll still get use out of these this summer on cool shoreside evenings.

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what else? more fun was had spinning courtesy of chris and her endless selection of wheels, and fiber, not to mention her patience for intructing and generosity in sharing all her good stuff.

i need to whip up something for aidan's school auction. i was thinking that little felted, monogrammed purse from stitch n' bitch nation with a houndstooth pattern instead of the initial. maybe too complicated to get done on a deadline though. perhaps a buttonhole bag instead.


wheels turning

now i've decided i'm going to make a toiletries bag or cosmetics purse or whatever you want to call it out of the recycled plastic bags i'm trying to collect. sundries sac? what do you call those anyway? whatever it is, it's going to be a pouch for your ass. i plan on lining it with some of this. i'll decide on the exact print after i see what color palette the bags dictate. i guess i get to go zipper shopping too. do cool zippers exist? zipper pulls? do i make a zipper pull? the wheels -are they a turnin' or a spinnin'?


worlwide phenomenon

a whole continent and ocean away from the toymakers in this post; jewelry makers are diligently producing glamorous goods for the women in your life. perhaps too late for april fools, how about a birthday or anniversary?

thanks for the link, v.