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spoiled rotten,

that's me.
yesterday was stitch and bitch. i went with a spring in my step as i hoped chris would remember that she offered a prize to her 100th commenter and i was it. i had dropped out of the group for a few weeks, so it was possible that she forgot all about it. well, it would have been possible, had i not reminded her at the previous meeting... and on our board just before yesterday's meeting. and being that it was chris, and the potential for something fabulous existed, i would have kept hounding her but i didn't have to because she did remember, and look what she brought!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comhere it is with my homely handspun nestled against it.

it's just the softest thing you can imagine. a blend made with her own angora. what was it blended with? silk? chris? i can't remember what else, the soft skein just calls angora so loudly to me that whatever the other fiber is was drowned out before it reached my ears. when i showed it to dah he wondered if i could knit him underwear. a suggestion, however in jest, too uncouth to comment upon further.

spoiled enough? no, chris also brought one of her wheels and i hogged it all night! i tossed out some half hearted sound bites to the effect that i would get my ass out of the way if someone else fancied a turn but i didn't back it up with body language. i stayed parked, and the ladies were too nice, they let me keep going. i promise not to next week. please excuse my selfish behavior. my yarn prize made me feel like a queen, and i started acting like one.

lessee... among other things, fabric to line buttonhole bag purchased. socks progressing. final hoodie stalled. that is all.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Your prize yarn looks as yummy in the picture as it was in real life! Enjoy it! And you did not act like a queen... you were just having fun. Fun is good! No worries... :)

At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, the yarn is 50% silk and 50% angora. Drape is dreamy! Do have fun with it! And your handspun is not homely! You're doing quite well with it!



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