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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


baby hat

baby hat
yesterday i attended a baby shower for a coworker from the yesteryears. it was a blast to get together with old friends.

for her baby i crocheted the little hat from deb stoller's happy hooker book. i purchased the cute robeez booties at a shop in west hartford. when the discussion ensued with dah about which was cuter, he diplomatically agreed that each enhanced the cuteness of the other. there was also a little romper from old navy with little monkeys all over it. this assortment was my attempt at the unisex thing for a baby whose gender the parents are saving as a surprise. now that i've seen the mom, i think she's having a girl and worry that this gift leans a little toward the masculine after all.

as cute as this is, i was outdone in the hand made gifts department by a more prolific knitter. she offered a beautiful green carseat blanket with an all over diamond pattern along with a little apple hat, complete with brown leaf at the top. the twist was that the hat was done in soft and cushy chenille.