knit at nite

some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


knit at nite: blog on break

a spate of posting say you? relative to my usual, that is. well that is because we were on break from school. tomorrow, it's splashdown.

there is progress to show on the knitting that was my vacation relaxation. pictured is cindy; the jaywalkers saw some action too. and a tiny amount of home organization took place.

mostly we enjoyed each other and tried not to go totally cuckoo from too much togetherness.

oh yeah, and because i had a spare moment, i made an impulse order from amazon that includes four, count 'em, 1, 2, 3, 4, knitting titles, all to do with 'vintage' designs. too bad i won't be on break any longer to enjoy perusing those... 6 weeks 'till spring break, 4 months 'till summer vacation... but who's counting. blog at you then.


needles ad nauseam

i long for the days of breezy, slippery koigu. there's something going on with me and this other yarn. this is the second pair of socks i've tried out of fixation. coupled with my tendency to knit a little tightly, the yarn is way too sticky on bamboo dpns, my usual choice for knitting socks. after bending and splitting a needle or two, in fairness the cat may have chewed on one for the splitting to occur, i tried two susan bates circs. this was no solution as i have no patience for fiddling around the joins. finally i've settled on some inox dpns which seem to be the best choice.

like everyone else, i'm trying out grumperina's jaywalker socks from magknits.

anyone for pick up sticks?


never say die

i have two favorite sweaters that beg for retirement. one is actually a vintage sweater that my mom wore for years and that i later inherited and wore for years also. it has about a stitch sized stain of green oil paint, mom's a painter, on it. turpentine would take care of that, but then it wouldn't be mom's sweater so much. the thing is threadbare in places but i cannot part with it. i hope to make a pattern, recycle the trim and keep it alive that way. i think the challenge will be to match the yarn.

this second is a very fine gauge cashmere blend, probably purchased from marshall's or similar. i'll never get the gauge of this sweater in a hand-knit. but, the shape is so flattering, it's another one i'd like to try to duplicate. perhaps the hourglass sweater from last-minute knitted gifts is close enough to this one.

both have raglan sleeves. the bodies differ, one rather fitted, the other with a slight a-line swing to it. i wonder how helpful either of these sweater design books would be?


project envy

while i was shopping for some ribbon to tie on the baby booties, i picked up some malabrigo. i hope to make this hat. i didn't have the yarn requirements with me, and now the skein sits in the car, i hope they match...