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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


arlene in progress

arlene in progress
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berroco's free arlene tank pattern being knit in pakucho organic cotton from elann.
now that i've finished the second te rosada sleeve, i can start on the front of this.


back story

last summer, i noticed in blogland that a lot of people who were subscribed to ik didn't receive their issue until after it hit the stores. to me, one of the main reasons for a subscription is to be ahead of the curve. that whole scenario is the reason i never subscribed; i figured i could get it sooner at the stores. but then, about a month ago, i was shopping amazon and was a few dollars away from free shipping -they know me so well- and decided, since i bought every issue anyway, i might as well subscribe.

wouldn't you know that while i was browsing the lys, i saw the new issue. i had it in my hot little hands, heading to the counter before -crud!- i remembered i subscribed! i couldn't believe i had to put off perusing it because i was subscribed. argh! i put it back while allowing a little rant to escape in the presence of the owner of the store. she shared that the same thing happened to one of the employees there. they alluded that it could be a few weeks before i received it since it was my first issue. luckily, it was just a couple of days.

good timing
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here it is, on an icky, sticky, rainy day. i picked myself some flowers, and now i get to leaf through at my leisure. naturally this 'me time' will be punctuated by spates of bickering between the housebound boys. i have suggested several times that they put on the rain boots and play outside. so far, no takers. they are waiting until after i sweep and vacuum, of course.

a penny for a peek?

...into my lys shopping bag.

self indulgence
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i made my first visit (it won't be my last) to creative fibers in windsor, ct this sunday. smart to be open on sunday... here are the little somethings i bought. a needle guage that won't bend like my junky susan bates ones do. and some mostly cotton yarn to knit ankle socks from.


which island?

oh, how i wish i only had the sleeves to go...

te rosada sleeves
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yep, i knit the sleeves first. now i'm ready to start te rosada. problem is, it doesn't feel like i'm just now starting, i've already knit two sleeves! ok, so they are behind me. knitting them first? sounds cool, 'till you have the last two pieces of the project ahead of you and they are -guess what?- much larger than sleeves! deep down, i knew this already. kick me.

though i do feel the love with this project, it is on hold for now. i need to frog more of the store bought sweater that this yarn is being recycled from before i can continue with it. and, i have some summer knitting i'd like to get on with.


those bitches

the stitchin' kind that is.
since her comment is of the 'no reply' variety, i'll post my response here:

ooh, thanks for the tip cori,
i'll have to check it out.
wouldn't you know that you filled me in on this before i returned the box?
what to do what to do.
part of the truth is that te rosada is lovely knitting, but i feel daunted by the size of the pieces. and this yarn would be for a second full sized sweater; two adult sweaters going on at once? ack!
i saw the cardigan the yarn is for in the mag (ik) again, and it does speak to me...
i know you'll take this the right way.... YoU and your BIG MOUTH!

Claire wrote:

That wrap/shawl is lovely, I can't wait to see it in progess! I couldn't help but notice that some of the things in that box (from the previous entry) were some cottons....I wanted to let you know that Creative Fibers, the new LYS, carries that brand - I've looked at it there....hope that helps. See you Wednesday?

and i know that posting email exchanges is probably numero uno on the list of blog cheese but it affords me the opportunity to show the cardigan project in question:

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stash control

did you notice the pretty box of bright colors in the previous post? they are going back to webs. only part of the order was filled and those balls are of no use to me without the rest so... it is time to keep shopping. pity too, good prices. i don't like stashing up without specific projects in mind, don't even suggest i keep it.

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what i will be keeping are these items that arrived from knitpicks. the midnight blue is going to be this stunning little number to wear with the dress that i always wear to weddings. and the variegated is destined for the clapotis. yep, finally getting around to that ol' clapotis. problem is, i didn't realize the gals who knit it using shimmer held it doubled; so i need me some more.

and finally, to replace some of the mia items from webs, i ordered some organic cotton from elann. funny they should have cable eight pictured there, it does seem like a good match for that yarn, but my cable eight is in the past. i'm using the yarn for arlene. i had a credit there so it felt like an even better deal than it actually was.

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yes, and besides the socks and the hoodie, i've started a second sleeve for te rosada. i hope it won't be too big for me. the finished sleeve is long, just like in the magazine pics. it's lovely that way but any extra length derived from pattern design/construction will make the sleeves tooooo long. we shall see.

the kiddie i watch weekdays was just picked up by his mommy and two of my own are napping. time for a tall cold one; beer that is...


wrap up to start new

pics poem,
entitled: best intentions

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a sock is done.

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a sweater awaits seaming.

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yarn is being wound.

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packages arrive.

the temptation is strong.

i will not start another.

until at least one is finished.

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maybe just a swatch.


boys of summer

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the first born and the main squeeze; oops, that would be my main squeeze enjoyed a red sox game together yesterday. swell.