knit at nite

some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


time capsule: june 15 entry

i wrote this in june when the knitting was done.
the problem is that i love seaming so much that
i like to savor it as long as possible :(

at last the saga of the lion brand hoodies has come to its conclusion. the release of episode III has been long anticipated. the heroes' destinies continue to be revealed to us by the interconnectedness of the stitches that shape the experience of, and bind the main players to each other. it is expected to be wildly popular for the univeral appeal it holds due to its classic theme. despite the lack of depth in character of the piece we give it four stars for its action and adventure. not intended as a stand alone project, we recommend episode I and episode II (scroll to top) in order to appreciate the fabric of the piece in its full context.


no need for introduction

two strands of knit picks shimmer held together
on size 7 (us)


so soft softy

some swatches of berroco's softy for the vogue knits ribbed shawl cardigan. this yarn was my big purchase at this month's knitter's breakfast put on by our fabric place in cromwell. 30 percent off, i just couldn't pass up a largish purchase with that kind of discount.

see the collared wrap that was the inspiration for me to try this yarn for the vogue project. the wrap was heavenly in person, it made a far better impression than what you see on the web site. i could have sworn that pattern was free last week, now it's published in a book! they move fast those yarn sellers!

every time dah sees this lying around his comment is the same, "that is some ugly yarn but it sure is soft...", truer words, etc. my last swatch was done on bryspun circulars; they were one of my rhinebeck purchases. the points are great, the joins are real smooth, the cable isn't kinky or twisty. the only slightly negative thing i can say about them it that they are 'clatterier' than denises. overall, i like them and would buy more of them in the oft' used sizes to supplement the denise kit.

i crave cookies but am waiting for the tots to be in bed before i make any. does that make me a good mother or a bad one?


first foliage tour

the forcast for these few days is so rainy, i figured we had better get the kids out in spite of today's drizzle. the venue turned out to be the renaissance faire in woodstock, connecticut. oh my. desmond thought he landed on another planet. the characters were... um... a hoot.

what could be better than sporting my clapotis about the grounds amongst a pope, vikings and turkey leg ingesting wizards? car knitting of course. in progress is cindy, with dibs on it for beatrice.

to blog again

been thinkin' about the blog lately. what with the clocks turning back soon maybe i'll begin having more time again to resume this thing. i was looking things over and i found the posts that were languishing in the wings, never published... so i thought i would share them as sort a time capsule type dealie.

the pic is from today. it is finally chilly enough to wear my opal socks in earnest. i do love them. the stripes and even the afterthought heels, which work into kind of a bullseye effect, are matchy-matchy. see the picot top?

time capsule - the following was dated 8/11:
splash down
we've been back for over a week. it's taking time to ease back into the routine. i did get some knitting done at mom's, though not as much as i would have liked. the opal socks are done.
arlene is done though i plan to widen the straps to cover my bra better. next time i'll post about the projects that i started.

i started teva durham's leaf cravat in the the luscious angora silk blend chris had given me as a blog prize. i also started another pair of ankle socks in cascade fixation.