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sock love

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there are a lot of things i love about this sock. first, the neato striping yarn. plus, i learned a new toe up technique. also, i find the afterthought heel super duper. and i just love the way the picot edge looks when the sock is relaxed. BUT, i hate the way the same edge looks when it's stretched around my ankle, so much so that i won't even show you that.

what i will show you is what a fine job i did constructing that cuff that i am about to rip and redo. i followed the excellent picot tips on claudia's page, adding ribbing. my little ribbing trick was to invert the ribbing pattern after the eyelet row so that once folded over, a rib would nestle into a valley rather than bumping up against itself. get it? don't think too hard, just move along, unless it's something you wanna try, then visualize my brilliant idea and give me credit. you can stop just short of congratulating me; as you see, i'm quite cabable of doing that for myself.

obviously, as i was making a toe up, i adjusted claudia's directions for binding off once the cuff was folded on itself. i do like this so much and will certainly try it again for a sock that doesn't end at my ankle, probably without the ribbing.

Image hosted by cuff from the inside, close up, admire before i rip and redo...

Image hosted by Photobucket.combea likes it.

lastly, i'm excited about my first kitchener, it went fine; i only had to camouflage one little flub when i wove in my end.
as i embark on knitting sock two, bea will continue with her current projects that are growing more hair and teeth.


At 4:47 AM, Anonymous Jackie said...

Cute sock - I love the picot at the ankle!!


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