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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.



a minor disappointment this weekend. i was all excited to visit a friend in belchertown as it would bring me within dropping in distance of webs. i went online for the exit number and discovered that it was closed on sundays, boo. the consolation prize was a slightly more out of the way jaunt to the yankee candle factory for their 50% off sale.

we (i had a friend along) showed restraint i think. i came out with a couple of candles and some burt's bees almond and beeswax hand cream and some diaper ointment for bea. i love burt's bees. it smells delicious and works quite well for me. bea's cream is lavender scent and it reminds me of my grandmother's eau de toilette. i like when i find one generation all wrapped in with another like that. i once told my mom how much soft boiled eggs reminded me of her and she said they reminded her of her own mom.

speaking of soft boiled eggs, as much as i hate accumulating stuff, i have a couple of egg cups that i love and would like to start a collection around. what is wrong with me? this completely goes against my constant urge to purge. hmm.

wondering about boogie? well the balls did arrive from miami (thanks caroline!) and they are being knit up in between all the hoodie pieces, the dah socks, plus i want to sneak in a pair of navy booties for bea to wear with a plaid and velvet dress to a friend's baptism on sunday.


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