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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


next time, some pics

mom's mitts are blocking away. i didn't end up adding thumbs after all. it might interest my fellow snbers to know that i ended up ripping back the first finished mitt a couple rows to fix the lace, and i dropped the stitch in the rib a couple of inches to catch the hinky stitch that lurked there. as they are for my mom, they had to be 'just so'. they were fun to knit and i see myself making these again for friends. i may try a mitt pattern (she has a couple of choices) by midnight knitter next though, for a little change and to see which i would like for myself.

the baby sweater sits unseamed. but, i picked up the piece of 'in the mood' that i had started, bound it off and am working on pompons to attach to the ends to make a scarf for one of my nieces. i had planned on making each of them kittyville hats; but, i never got around to starting the second one. so hat for one, scarf for the other is how that cookie is gonna crumble.

i'm excited about doing some knitting without that deadline-y feeling soon. i think i'll have socks and the boogie vest going at once.

i was inspired by one of my not secret anymore pals' blog today to spend the morning rearranging the playroom for the little christmas tree. i wanted to place it so we could still see it from the living area as that is the only tree we have. small place, small decor. the boys were beside themselves just with the new floor plan, i think i'll wait till naptime to actually delve into the ornaments. i always scale back decorating, but aidan always has extra suggestions and plans so we end up quite festive in spite of me.

the cold still hangs on. aidan seems to be well for the most part. des still takes long periods of rest and occasionally spikes a low grade fever in the evening. bea and i are still coughing and hoarse. with a little dose of stuff here and there, everyone manages to sleep well and eat well though, so no worries, just need a little more patience. be well today.


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