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it's like watching teeth grow

the problem with all these projects going on at once is that so little progress is being made on each that there is nothing to show on any.

i am nearing the heel of the first sock. dah likes them; the ribbing made an impression. he told me that he might feel bad about wearing them for all the time and effort they require to make. i countered that he had better wear them every chance he gets... for all the time and effort they require to make... duh.

there are nearly two pieces done of the largest hoodie and one complete for the middle sized one. i wanted to make a piece of the smallest as well to see all the colorways knit up. but, i may go and see what other hue i can scare up for bea. something feminine, as these others will get handed down to her and they are decidedly not. it's funny how my color choices have been swayed. if i were making a different sweater for each child i would be choosing differently. when selecting for these however, i find myself picturing all the togs being worn together and so there are second and third thoughts.

boogie sits and waits for more yarn. cg was kind enough to send reinforcements promptly but our post office is lax lately. one day our mail didn't arrive until after dark. and i recieved a package around the 7th that was post marked the 23rd! i'm watching that pot of a mailbox and it is not boiling.

bea is working hard making teeth. two have popped out of her bottom gums in the last week. even teething, she remains the ideal, sweetly dispositioned baby. be jealous. i have one easy child on my hands here folks. pray that i'm still singing this tune in the teen years...? here is what she can do with a cookie...


At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so sorry, chica! I mailed it on January 4th and it really should be there by now. Next time I'll get tracking on it. Crossing my fingers it's on its way since there is no more of that dye lot in the store. Ack.

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I saw the progress on the sock last night at SnB and its looking great! So is little Bea - what a doll! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the tune you sing in her teen years, but pardon me for not having high hopes!

Chris (mom to kids who have emerged from the dark side)


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