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meri-no stashmas

this christmas was the year of yarn. among the gifties were ecco zitron, a fine guage superwash merino in a dusky-roseish color (#121, 'altrosa') from mom. i think destined for lace socks, my first, i'd like to scope out a toe up pattern. mom also sent a learn to knit kit which is way cool but i already know how to knit; so, i think i'll find out where she got that and hope to exchange it for something a little more challenging. hubby displayed a distinct learning curve in the progression of yarns he presented to me at christmas; he came through with some red heart in a couple of shades of blue, thinking 'something for the boys', a bunch of lion brand homespun in the color regency (320), and some classic elite paintbox merino in cobalt violet (6830); i've reconnoitered a pattern, called tigger, from knitty for this. it will be a little jacket for beatrice.

just over at amy king's site and she finished a whole vest in the time it took me to knit half, rip and then knit 3/4 of the back. her vest looks awesome, it's fresh inspiration. stop swatching the new stuff and finish your vest, corine. focus. i'm excited about trying my first cabling. new year, new skills.


At 12:32 PM, Blogger Devine said...

Hi! I just came to see your site and to answer the question you had on my blog, since I couldn't respond to you there (well I did, but it didn't make sense that you might get an answer that way). You have some nice knitting projects going! Oh first, let me share this link for some top-down socks:

Then to give you info about the pants: The pattern for the pink pants (Mary's) can be found here:

The other longies are more tight-fitting, like tights I suppose tho not quite that tight, and that pattern is here:

I have bought yarn from both places, as well, with great satisfaction. Thanks again for vising my blog!


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