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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


when you can't knit rows, hum a few bars instead

what i wanted to comment on was the radio. i tend to surf the bottom of the dial where the public and college stations reside. this week i came across a faith middleton spot about knitting. i was pretty excited by the theme, but her choice of guests left much to be desired. it was the honcho at lion brand yarns. how would the beer types feel if there was a buzz about the craft of beer making and budweiser was elected to speak for them? phooey.

as long as i've been hearing her, i've had this conflicted 'love to hate her'/'hate to love her' opinion of faith. the slightly 'under-water' quality of her voice and know-it-all tone of her conversations keep me on the verge of scanning the dial for the entire time it takes me to listen to her show to the end. it's ironic that i even have a favorite. that would be food schmooze, in case you hadn't gathered that by my choice of shopping destinations shared here in a previous post.

i'm happy when the scan button lands me on fm on toast. that is a fun variety of fare for the preoccupied commuter. it's rather like new england weather; if you don't like it, wait ten minutes, or in this case tune in tomorrow, it will have changed.

four days without a commute and i end up writing about it. what does that say about the grind; the momentum just keeps you treading along in that hamster wheel doesn't it? methinks i need to knit a few rows.


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