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what's that in your pocket?

no, i'm not glad to see you, it's just my nostepinne.
do you like it; the one erected amid balls from the previous post? er helped me choose it at rhinebeck. we fondled them at length. the one that seduced er was beautiful, lightly colored, and burly. those left weren't as lovely, except for a larger dark walnut one. there was much deliberation about size. another peruser rightly pointed out that any larger ball than the small size could accommodate would be better wound on a winder.

these nostes are attractive in part for their portability, and the smaller ones are of course... more portable. so i asked the artisan if he had any more stock tucked away. as i looked over the expanded selection he pulled out, er kept up the small talk. at last, i thought i had made my choice, meanwhile er had coaxed this exotic find off his person. this one is turned of bermuda cedar, a species that was nearly wiped out by parasites. it makes the balls and my knitting bag smell all nice and earthy.

we all parted feeling rather elated by the feel good transaction, including the young woman who left with the dark walnut. she had waited patiently the whole while, enduring my tease behaviour picking it up, putting it down. she said she wouldn't take it until i was firmly decided on something else as she did not want to bring bad karma on herself for snatching my possibly intended. she may have left the most satisfied of all of us...


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