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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.



had a nice sat am kip with eina and linda this morning at cosi. outside table, enjoying the mid 70's temps of the northeast in november!

i promised myself i would finish the knitting on cindy. i came within a few dozen stitches of that goal before noticing the problem. i had bogarted the denise needles, for want of a loooong cable, about 2/3 through my second cardi front. the replacement pair, though the same size were of different material, whatever addi's are made with, nickel plated or somesuch? anyway the guage was significantly altered and a frogging session is imminent.

the loooong cable was required for the winter 04/05 vk shawl wrap cardigan that is my current 'mindless' knitting project. it is a cast on of 234 stitches for the small size that i am making. i am just to the point of separating for the armholes. into the 5th ball of berroco softy, just 9+ to go. i have a feeling i'll be going back to the yarn store praying to the dye lot gods before this one is 'wrapped' up. snort.


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