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so soft softy

some swatches of berroco's softy for the vogue knits ribbed shawl cardigan. this yarn was my big purchase at this month's knitter's breakfast put on by our fabric place in cromwell. 30 percent off, i just couldn't pass up a largish purchase with that kind of discount.

see the collared wrap that was the inspiration for me to try this yarn for the vogue project. the wrap was heavenly in person, it made a far better impression than what you see on the web site. i could have sworn that pattern was free last week, now it's published in a book! they move fast those yarn sellers!

every time dah sees this lying around his comment is the same, "that is some ugly yarn but it sure is soft...", truer words, etc. my last swatch was done on bryspun circulars; they were one of my rhinebeck purchases. the points are great, the joins are real smooth, the cable isn't kinky or twisty. the only slightly negative thing i can say about them it that they are 'clatterier' than denises. overall, i like them and would buy more of them in the oft' used sizes to supplement the denise kit.

i crave cookies but am waiting for the tots to be in bed before i make any. does that make me a good mother or a bad one?


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