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i gave it away...

... so there are no pics.

i struggle with clutter constantly. there are five of us living in roughly 850 square feet. so, when i found this lady, i was pretty happy for the encouragement to purge. alas, i got a little carried away. i accidentally donated a 100% cashmere sweater! it was buffugly. big, saggy. i was through loving it and wanted it gone. it's gone.

i went back a few days later, hoping i could find it on the 'reds and pinks' rack at goodwill. waiting for me to come back for it. to rip it, and make something new. why didn't i think to recycle it before? dunno. i think i did think of it, but somehow it didn't translate into actually saving it from the ditch bag. next time, think twice, think thrice, think four times.

i hope the buyer was a thrifty knitter. reader from middletown, ct out there? did you score a good find at the goodwill recently? i should check the rekal. haven't done that in a while.


At 6:01 AM, Anonymous Brynne said...

I'm glad to hear someone else admit they have clutter issues. There are only three of us in 900 sq ft, but it's a huge problem. Maybe if I took up cleaning as a hobby instead of knitting...


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