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to blog again

been thinkin' about the blog lately. what with the clocks turning back soon maybe i'll begin having more time again to resume this thing. i was looking things over and i found the posts that were languishing in the wings, never published... so i thought i would share them as sort a time capsule type dealie.

the pic is from today. it is finally chilly enough to wear my opal socks in earnest. i do love them. the stripes and even the afterthought heels, which work into kind of a bullseye effect, are matchy-matchy. see the picot top?

time capsule - the following was dated 8/11:
splash down
we've been back for over a week. it's taking time to ease back into the routine. i did get some knitting done at mom's, though not as much as i would have liked. the opal socks are done.
arlene is done though i plan to widen the straps to cover my bra better. next time i'll post about the projects that i started.

i started teva durham's leaf cravat in the the luscious angora silk blend chris had given me as a blog prize. i also started another pair of ankle socks in cascade fixation.


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At 8:38 AM, Blogger Charisse said...

Great socks. Love the colors.
I have to start a pair myself.


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