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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


excellent knitting adventure

please excuse the furry nature of the photos as many were in fact taken at nite and the camera was having focus issues for lack of light.

rip back.

shaped with short rows.

connect shoulders.

remembering the icord edging from the tea set pattern, i attempt to knit cable border perpendicular to back piece connecting with a picked up stitch at the end of each rs row as i go. [i am that experienced knitter!]
first try, unacceptable eyelet thing happening.

remembering the toe and heel shaping in the toe up sock pattern, and froggy's attempt of feb 23[with undesirable side effects] with said pattern, i try again picking up the stitch and the wrap each time.

now we're talking!

i didn't take anymore pics but finished the neckline. ripped it and reknit, knitting some of the picked up stitches in the vertical rows together to account for the vertical to horizontal ratio in knitted stitches that was making the back neckline flare and wonky. still not perfect but figure the rest should block out nicely... keep fingers crossed...


At 9:51 PM, Blogger christine said...

=D =D =D i am so excited to find your blog!!!!!!!! i have been working on the boogie vest for a long long time, trying to figure out how to fix the areas i want changed on the vest.....which turns out to be EXACTLY the changes you have made to your boogie vest!!!!!
i am not sure if you'll see this comment on your blog, seeing as this was posted two years ago... but i was hoping to get some help with making this vest (with the changes you've put on it) seeing as I am a beginner knitter and this is pretty much my first real project!!! please let me know =) i'd greatly appreciate any help!


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