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boogie [all]nite[r]s

got my swell book (knitting on the edge) in the mail. no help at all. while it does have beautiful fringe and cable borders in it, they are not part of any whole sweater pattern and so provide no insight for me on how to knit the cable (sideways?) onto the neck or whatever i imagined i might do.

so, i'll be feeling my way through this one. my plan is as follows;
will add pictures as execution progresses:
1. rip back piece enough rows to accommodate width of cable border.
2. reknit with a little neck hole shaping, again considering border width.
3. simple cable or cable with rib? my decreases created a raised rib on the side of the cable. lesson learned. would think to find an invisible decrease, perhaps hide one in the purl stitches to each side of the cable in the future. can one do that?
4. three needle bind off available stitches at shoulders.
5. continue cable stitches left on holder to a length that would cover the remaining neck circumference along the back.
6. attach cable piece to back piece.
7. three needle bind off remaining stitches.
8. continue finishing of vest: side seams, crochet edging around neck and arm holes.
9. block, and
10. wear!


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