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'take me home' takes a licking and keeps on. Posted by Hello

remember this one? i made this to bring bea home from the hospital, it was my second project ever; she still wears it. the bigger she gets, the more like a bolero style shrug, or vice versa, it becomes. or, is it called a surplice. i need to track down a fashion terms glossary.

that is old news. there are plenty of new projects on the horizon, thanks in large part to the inspiration and enabling provided by caroline, my not secret anymore pal. from the beautiful rowan babies book she sent along, i have elected to make cindy. i have the yarn already and it will serve to reduce the stash and clothe the tot. i plan to make it in the largest size my supply allows which is the 1-2. that way, i will have plenty of time to complete it and we should get prolonged use out of it.

also up is amy king's boogie from the knitty archives. the alpaca silk that sp, cg, gifted me is destined for this project. it is so soft and so cuddly, i just covet it for myself. so, a cozy vest it is. no sleeves to bog me down knitting or wearing-wise. i am so looking forward to this one. it is likely that i will take you up on the offer of a supplemental trip to your lys for a couple more balls, cg.

desmond is haunting me at my chair as i write. he is systematically stuffing hotwheels down the back of my overalls. when i stand up there will be a puddle of cars at my feet having just tickled my backside all the way down. how are you getting your thrills today?


At 7:04 AM, Blogger caroline said...

Oooooh, that vest will be lovely! And Cindy for the wee Bea is gorgeous. Of course I now covet an adult sized version for myself, heh. If ever I get around to sizing it up I'll pass it along to you..hmmm, may have to get me a box of hot wheels, too, the way things are going...


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