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dans la nuit, les chats sont gris...

but not this one!

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i know, camera pics, not the greatest. hubby might be tempted by a real digital for christmas, who knows?

anyway, i had to get these up to honor my secret pal iii. she has been looking out for me lately, what with help finding yarn, etc. so, it's high time she see her thoughtful gifts enjoyed and appreciated. i adapted the baby hat pattern from the puppy ensemble in monkey knits. i added a berocco plush (leftover from fluffy cuff) trim all the way around and some pompon ties. the yarn sp sent is called sabrina, collezione s charles filati d'italia. the color she sent was number 27; black, gold, purple. as you can see, or maybe you can't because of the sub par pics, it turned out an adorable little number for beatrice to wear as long as the weather stays cold, starting with halloween. actually, it wasn't cold on halloween, but she wore it anyway as a costume, imagine little eyeliner whiskers drawn on her cheeks.

looking forward to snb tomorrow. in spite of the close proximity of the date to the holiday, some say they are still showing up, myself included. new members are joining all the time now, must be the season. it's fun to go and see the group morph and change and stay the same.

jacksonorlilly knits on, just about done with the sleeves.
how is your day going?

please, no comments about my french spelling or grammar; i already know it is lamentable.


At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Missy Beatrice is too, too adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I found yet another source for the Lara, too. If you'd rather purchase it from a yarn store in Germany, let me know and I'll do that for you (if you don't speak or read german) and I've lined up a knitblogger in Germany who's in the armed forces and will be happy to send it via the U.S. mail which makes it very economical. Without that it wouldn't be worth it since the shipping would be 50% of the cost of the yarn. Anyway, let me know via the blog if you'd like me to price the Lara out that way. Stay warm!
Yr. Secret Pal

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Oh Corrine, Beatrice is soooo cute! This is the first time I have seen what she looks like.... she is just beautiful! And the hat is pretty darn cute too! Nice job!

At 1:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. too cute!


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