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knit at nite: blog on break

a spate of posting say you? relative to my usual, that is. well that is because we were on break from school. tomorrow, it's splashdown.

there is progress to show on the knitting that was my vacation relaxation. pictured is cindy; the jaywalkers saw some action too. and a tiny amount of home organization took place.

mostly we enjoyed each other and tried not to go totally cuckoo from too much togetherness.

oh yeah, and because i had a spare moment, i made an impulse order from amazon that includes four, count 'em, 1, 2, 3, 4, knitting titles, all to do with 'vintage' designs. too bad i won't be on break any longer to enjoy perusing those... 6 weeks 'till spring break, 4 months 'till summer vacation... but who's counting. blog at you then.


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