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you think you know someone.

the hat for dah? coming along nicely. i knit and knit and got sick of it and haven't knit in two nights, but that's ok 'cause there are christmas decorations to toss about.

dah is a middle aged republican who is starting his own business in the financial industry. there's a lot more to him than that, of course. but, when i pictured a hat for him i had in mind a close fitting, simple silhouette, similar to a seaman's style. when i asked him about it he said, "blah blah, the hats they wear at winter carnival, blah blah." within a few hours he directed my attention toward this. that's right, the hat that tops the big mascot snowman. i am so clueless.

at least he disillusioned me of my color prejudice on his behalf "no charcoal grey." red and purple were mentioned. so i went over to sit n' knit and picked out a pretty dark eggplant and a kind of sage accent color in rowan's cashsoft, i believe it's dk. real. soft. yarn. oh yeah, and a pattern with combinable tops and cuffs that yields nine different styles by the time you've mixed and matched them all.

so, i come home and before i can utter the words "do you like the round top or the square top?" he points and says, "that one." it's the pointy stocking style. then i showed him the colors, he was ok with them, but i jokingly added something about orange and black. i mentioned them because he always went for the boat with the orange and black sails when we sailed together at mystic seaport, that was seasons and seasons ago. anyway, he brightened at this and said i should try to find those colors.

i was very conflicted in the shop. i kept picking the balls up and putting them back. i tried to tone down, putting the charcoal grey with the orange, but i now knew better. it was like i had to talk my own hands and feet into holding the yarn and walking it to the register for me to actually buy the combo in question. but i did it.

to end a long story. it is a black and orange . . . bold striped . . . stocking cap, to be finished of with a . . . pompom.
did i tell you? my man is sssexy.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Go Figure! I bet it will be a fun hat to knit up! Can't wait to see it and hope he is going to model it for us too! :)

At 5:57 AM, Anonymous Chris said...

Ha!!! What fun! I finally got DH to agree he'd like a sweater, maybe a spice brown alpaca. If I ever get bright colors on that man, I'm sure it will only be in a dragon tatoo, which he now insists he wants.

At 6:20 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

I've missed you at SnB! Wednesdays seem to almost always be bad for me. I can't wait to see pics in progress of The Hat.


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