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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


back story

last summer, i noticed in blogland that a lot of people who were subscribed to ik didn't receive their issue until after it hit the stores. to me, one of the main reasons for a subscription is to be ahead of the curve. that whole scenario is the reason i never subscribed; i figured i could get it sooner at the stores. but then, about a month ago, i was shopping amazon and was a few dollars away from free shipping -they know me so well- and decided, since i bought every issue anyway, i might as well subscribe.

wouldn't you know that while i was browsing the lys, i saw the new issue. i had it in my hot little hands, heading to the counter before -crud!- i remembered i subscribed! i couldn't believe i had to put off perusing it because i was subscribed. argh! i put it back while allowing a little rant to escape in the presence of the owner of the store. she shared that the same thing happened to one of the employees there. they alluded that it could be a few weeks before i received it since it was my first issue. luckily, it was just a couple of days.

good timing
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here it is, on an icky, sticky, rainy day. i picked myself some flowers, and now i get to leaf through at my leisure. naturally this 'me time' will be punctuated by spates of bickering between the housebound boys. i have suggested several times that they put on the rain boots and play outside. so far, no takers. they are waiting until after i sweep and vacuum, of course.