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these are the two pics that i had planned on sending along to knitty to add to the gallery of projects finished by their readers. what i am noticing is that there is no longer a gallery link on the current issue. if you search the site, you can find it, but it's via an older issue and doesn't seem to be updated. i'm a little disappointed as i hoped to peruse my own work parmis the others'. oh well, at least i can see it here. duo is the sweater and aline is the bag. both over with for a while now.

in current knitting news. i have started yet another knitty project, from an older issue, that is in the mood. the color i ended up with is almond, it looks more like champagne to me. it turned out to be a little less neutral than i had hoped. i guess it is a good idea to order a sample from online stores, elann in this case, before buying. really though, who has the patience for that?
i have the baby sweater for jacksonorlily underway, with most of the back completed. i'm still in the swatching phase for socks and mitts for mom.

dinner is in the crockpot but the recycling is still several yards away from the curb. how is your day going?


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

We did crockpot dinner Monday too--corned beef was on sale at Highland Park. Sorry I missed you guys tonite, hubby is out playing cards, and since he doesn't get out of the house much these days, more power to him.

The vest looks fun and I bet it will look great on you.

Hopefully see you next week!

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