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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.



.... by the very project that i keep 'adding' to.
i'm knitting away on in the mood in spite of myself. i got a nice yarn from elann that achieves the correct guage... But, the shag part of it is just too short to achieve the desired degree of furriness. i've told myself that i will not continue this project until i get a better suited yarn. it is so easy and relaxing though, i keep picking it up anyway. i think i better return the remaining balls to elann pronto so i can truly stop myself from knitting on this sweater.

the back of jacksonorlilly's sweater is done, i have to get cracking on the rest. that baby should be here any day. i knit the sweater in the smallest size, so i better send it fast! sleeves next, i think.

um... oh yeah, books. knit wit came, the projects are the same as in knitty and the ones that aren't don't interest me. it's going back. i have enough books with light projects now without keeping this one.
stitch and bitch nation is great. it has our snb picture in it. we happen to be on the first page of groups featured. i was pregnant with beatrice and knitting on desmond's sweater in the pic. i really like it. there are many 'light' projects i would like to try. overall, i think a better match for me than knit wit.

the kids are eating off trays.
i have pretty new chairs for the kitchen from ikea, but no tabe at all!
how is your day going?


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