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so i decided to splurge on the lara for in the mood. i like knitting on it so much, that i've rationalized my way into spending the bucks. the search is on. here are the online sources i've managed to scrounge up: jimmy bean's wool, some german place, some other place with a phone number, also one that sells by the bag. problem, low quantities. i like the red best, only 4 balls to be had? huge bummer. this whole quest has really made me feel like, at the very least, i need to get that yarn in my stash as it seems so hard to come by. we'll see how this all shakes out.

stitch and bitch was nice last night. there were four new people, it could have been a completely new/different group, then a few more regulars showed up. i worked on jacksonorlilly's sweater, got the sleeves started. i'm through the increases for both sleeves. i need a system for keeping track of wether or not i've worked both sleeves on the needle. i have to stop and let the strings hang and puzzle it out sometimes.

i find myself eyeing the highland wool on elann for an alternate project to in the mood. but i so want to make in the mood. crud.

i can't get no satisfaction.
how is your day going.


At 6:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did a bit of googling for you and if you google ggh lara and go directly to page 10 you find this site. Click on the "translate this site" button to the right of the entry and you'll get a poor but readable translation. They sure do have the yarn on the color card. possibly also in stock. Since it's a german yarn co. you'll have better luck with German wool stores. Another good source is ANY german yarn store that advertises in Rebecca (the non-english version with translation inserted). Because Rebecca is published by GGH. anyway, here's the site:
I'll keep looking for you later on this weekend.
Yr Secret Pal


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