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got windex?

halloween hooligans Posted by Hello

i wonder if they sell as much windex after halloween as they sold candy before?

honorable mention in the blog for craftiness and hostessing goes to our good friend and neighbor lesley for throwing an intimate and fun halloween celebration with the hoffmans on the guest list. she makes the best guts (mac and cheese) i have ever tasted! also on the menu were impaled chicken and shrimp, peas with eyeballs, broken fingers and blood to drink.

the fireman on the left, not to be confused with the fire truck on the right, was her little guy sporting 1/2 of the costume she made with her own two hands. why 1/2 do you ask? because we ran out of bribes to get him to wear the rest of it. settle for good enough and enjoy the tricks and treats is what we did. i can't wait to borrow that particularly cute getup for my smaller one at a halloween in the future, -dibs, les!


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