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lookee here... a picture!
brian at verizon tech support finally fixed my phone for me. brian must have a healthy dose of common sense compared to his colleagues because i spoke with no less than six other people who were not able to fix the problem. brian had me ship shape in two minutes or less.

aidan's devil hat Posted by Hello

the pic is obviously of aidan's devil hat. i'll let a few others trickle into the blog. many that i have already posted about. because, even though those projects are behind me, i'm still proud, and they still deserve an audience. i especially want to show my secret pal the super cool kitty hat i made for beatrice. i want to make sure i get a nice picture so she can appreciate the coolness of the project she inspired.

i am between projects. at a loss for what will be knit next. i have swatched ,unsuccessfully so far, for mom's mitts and socks. still trying to zero in on yarn and pattern choice for mitts and needle size and type for sox. addis are too slippery for the sock yarn in my hands. stitch and bitch is tomorrow... what will i bring?

the fluffy cuff mittens were very well recieved by my niece. she even noticed that there were no holes around the thumbs, good girl. the thumbs were indeed quite challenging for me. the second go was far more successful than the first. i still ended up strategically weaving ends and plugging holes on both. she dug that.
i am waiting with baited breath to see what secret pal has to say about her october loot.

bertie bott's scented candle suggestion: 'diaper change'
i am currently covering up that scent with yankee's 'autumn lodge', a decided improvement. this was purchased via the boy's school fundraiser. bitchin' stitchers be there tomorrow for your special delivery. claudia, jodi and chris: thanks for your support!

i changed all the diapers and the stench is gone.
how is your day going.


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Awwww you rhat came out great Corine! cute cute cute! Nice knitting!

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Yay, you got it working! It looks even better online than on the little LCD phone screen.

I found that both having worked tech support and dealt with tech support that there is the secret stash of gurus that you have to somehow get hold of to help you, and otherwise you get people who know how to turn the whatever on.

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That hat is adorable and so is Aidan! Can't wait to see Beatrice-kitty. How about a picture of mama-witch's hat?? All the best,
Secret Pal


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