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splash down

splash down is how my dad refers to the time just after vacation when you have to get back in gear in a hurry. that's what i'm feeling. and it is why i have not blogged sooner after our trip. we of course had a wonderful time. the boys didn't need sweaters, so i'm allowing myself until september to finish them. by then, the boys may actually use a little light weight outerwear. the condition that i impose on myself is not to start any large projects, i.e. a sweater for myself, until those are completed. i am allowed to do small projects like hats and pieces of the tea set.

the tea set was my trip knitting. i finished the body of the pitcher and am working on the handle which i already frogged once because i thought it looked sloppy. i also wanted to set an example for my niece, that it is ok to frog as you will always get that knitting back, only better. we were supposed to tutor her in french. while she did get a lot of french ambiance and some immersion in language when my parents got together, she had no lessons from her french teacher for us to work on, so i showed her how to knit instead. and knit she did. my mom had some yarn from a friend to pass on so my niece commenced to knit herself a scarf in yellow acrylic. she knit a good 25 inches by the end of the trip. she is used to crochet and did not see it as the great progress that it was. i am proud of her. my plan is to show her something new each time we visit and get her really hooked. ...also i'll bring her my french grammar books.

looking forward to snb tonight, it's been a while.


At 6:01 AM, Blogger Icedglass said...

I, too, am a one-project knitter for the most part. I have visions of ponchos and Christmas stockings and scarves in my head, but I refuse to get going on those until I finish this sweater. I am progressing with the sleeves and no longer find M1 daunting--except for keeping track of it! Scratch pad is necessary! Knitting both sleeves at once is handy, but now that I am getting there :-), I find it getting a bit heavy for my wee hands! Next, I'm onto the collar and button bands. Hopefully, I can start these when I meet with my teacher in 2 weeks. She attended a weekend workshop which made me think of you. The woman is a "famous" Welsh knitter--Sheila somehting-- who is very into flower motifs, but started out life as an artist. My teacher brought a photo to the workshop and then they made a template from the photo. It was great. I will have to look up her name. I can't imagine knitting any place more beautiful than Trout Lake!


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