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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


still fooling around trying to familiarize myself with blog use. i managed to set the little picture in my profile. it's the candy heart with 'corine' in it. i found it kicking around in the folder i have on my husband's computer. i don't remember ever seeing it before, maybe my spouse put it there for me? anyway, i thought it was a sweet little surprise, as if i had come across it between the couch cushions. it is apropos because my middle name is valentine; you see how it is 'just the thing' i needed.

a couple of rows more progress on sleeves of guernsey. i so want to have all the pieces done to sew together at snb next week. not likely to happen, especially if the blog thing continues to distract.

i'm visiting the west coast in july and hope to visit at least one yarn store at some point. my mom will be into that little adventure with me. it might also be fun to crash someone else's snb or meetup.

by then i hope to be finishing desmonds's duo and starting aline for myself. big plans for a small summer. for duo, i need to do some math to make sure the alterations i made on each piece will match up once i go to stitch the pieces together. i think it will involve ripping a little of the back and adding some rows before the ribbing for the collar. it's been so long since i worked on it that it will be quite a puzzle to sort out. i'm just within a couple of inches of finishing the sleeves too. :[ as for aline, i have swatched her. what i have learned there is that knitting the raffia is hard on the hand muscles and i'll need another little something to work at the same time to give my hands a break from her.

and that as they say is that.


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