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a good time was had by all

last night was snb. we had a better turnout than we have had in some time and it was great! so much inspiration! karen gave me a little lesson on picking up stitches from the bound off collar of aidan's guernsey-style sweater; so i am ready to finish it! aidan wanted to see his sweater this morning, presumably to see if i had made any more progress; i can't believe he's actually checking up on me. when he sees me working on anything else he asks me to put it down in favor of his project. it's that firstborn sense of entitlement, but isn't that actually what the lastborn is supposed to feel? i thought the firstborn was supposed to know how to share things.

over the long weekend i made some progress on the boys' sweaters. i did the math for duo and hatched a plan for the raglan sleeve decreases. they are nothing like the original pattern but hopefully it will still be a pleasing and sensible shape. after snb last night, i am just 5 rows away from completing both sleeves!

i also seemed guernsey-style at the shoulders and attached one sleeve. i must say, finishing is super stress for me. will the pieces match up? will they be straight? am i doing something wrong? i just spend the whole time holding my breath and sweating bullets until it's done. the life buoy i cling to is my book of finishing techniques, and so far it has not let me down. if i'm careful to read everything and follow what it says i can proceed pretty much without incident in spite of my own hand wringing.

and because any entry is more exciting with pictures, here is aidan's fireboat. i think the finest innovation here is the curled up straw, pasted to the side, that is the firehose. and of course, what project would be complete without yarn... to attach the anchor.

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