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unknown territory

so, i have this blog, i have these other sites and blogs i like to visit, i have these pictures i want to share; how does it all come together? i wanted to pick the brains of fellow bloggers at snb last night, but Karen was the only one who showed up and we talked about other stuff. she showed me her cabled ribbon sweater and i must say it is even more fabulous in person than on her pics. --testing, if all went well there should be a usable link in this just written paragraph; did i do it?--
we had a very nice family of two grade school girls and their mother visit us as we knit under the freezing current of starbucks airconditioning vents. karen and i agree we won't be going back there to knit 1)miserable parking
2)poor lighting. back to the nice family. the girls asked great questions about our projects and we showed them how we were making our cables and designs, i showed them my chart for the anchor. a very nice chat was had by all, and perhaps some young ladies will be inspired to knit in their future. karen is cute, she tries to get 'converts' for knitting whenever she can.
i am emboldened by the link i embedded in the first paragraph, let me try to show you a pic of beatrice's 'take me home' sweater set. I think that worked too! how exciting! perhaps enough unknown territory for one day. i have to break up the fights between the rivaling toddlers and put the binkies back in the snoozing babes' mouths now.


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