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beatrices take me home set Posted by Hello

Karen has scoped out my blog for me and informs me that all looks well except the beatrice pic which requires a password the way i have it set up in the previous post. i'm a little relieved that it didn't work because it was possible to view all of my albums on the site and that is a little more than i care to divulge here.

so, enjoy the pic above, that's all i wanted you to see. the sweater is reynolds pattern # 82245 for their blossom yarn, i obviously chose to knit it in pink, a little peptobismol-y but a pretty and soft article nonetheless. i adapted the pattern to make short sleeves, and i added an extra button so that both sides sport a pretty flower; one decorative, one a working button (you only see one in the pic). the hat was some free pattern i got off the net, i have no idea where, with the name jennifer brown associated with it. there was a pretty little eyelet row with a ribbon pulled through is just above the rib edge border, i chose to forgo the eyelet and embroider a flower to match the sweater buttons instead. the only thing i would add is that the blossom yarn was quite slippery and i had to use bamboo to keep my work on the needles particularly at those tricky beginnings and ends of rows. for a newbie knitter, this was the first experience with 'tricky' yarn, it never occurred to me that some yarns could be easier or harder to work with and that needle choice could ameliorate or aggravate a problem until this project, which by the way was project number 2.

all the knitting for aidan's guernsey is completed, all that remains is to stitch it together and do a couple of rows to complete the collar. i am very excited to see this so near completion. it will be thrilling for him to wear it on our trip out west to see his meme and all the other relations. i wonder if i can get duo finished in time for the same trip?
we'll see...


At 2:26 PM, Blogger Icedglass said...

Hey, pretty cool. I can't believe you knit a guernsey. How good are you at knitting vertically?


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