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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


i have made some knitting progress! i'm well into the first sleeve of aidan's debbie bliss simple child's guernsey. it is so exciting to have all this coming together. this sweater has taken me a long time as i am stretching it out because i can't afford new yarn and because i actually choose sleep over knitting now that beatrice has arrived( turned 5 weeks yesterday) and she can keep me up plus or minus 45 minutes a nite, once or twice a nite, nursing.
we have snb tonight, i hope at least one other person shows up to make it worth my having left the house. getting away from the melee is always a relief but getting some knitting done is even better. starbucks is the venue tonight, that might actually be a spot where i would stay and knit by myself for a bit... but i want to hear about karen's guild meeting, and i want to gain experience at sock knitting vicariously through candace.
for now this blog business couldn't be more personal as i have to digital camera to take and post pics with, i have not clue how to link up to others. i really would like to make this a homepage for myself to keep all my favorite links together, it's getting the point where there are too many i like for me to keep track of them all. i'll pick the stitchers' brains on all of this tonight, there are at least three there that blog. no rush, no one would be interested in this prattle for now anyway.
i'm thinking of the title knitatnite since i do most of my stitching after the bambinos are in bed.
debbie bliss pattern of aidan's sleeve needed a little adjustment, the first row of increases didn't match of with the desired number of stitches upon completion of that row so i changed it to increase every 3rd then 4th stitch, alternating, to the end. this added 10 stitches to the row bringing the total to 48 (not 46 like the pattern stated, and not 47 like the directions followed would have created) i figured that was nice and round and the increases were nice and evenly spaced. i'll just have one less increase row in the length of the sleeve.
a bientot...


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