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leading you on

i received a complimentary comment from someone who i don't even know! i know the whole point of this is to share and connect, but it didn't feel real until someone shared and connected back. anyway, the comment was about the guernsey. and i realize that my last post made it sound like i knit a guernsey because i shortened my reference to the sweater for ease of writing. the sweater is actually a "simple guernsey style sweater" pattern by debbie bliss, emphasis on the words simple and style. so i'm sorry if i misled anyone into thinking i'm more of a knitter than i actually am.

all that aside, the sweater is an accomplishment for me and i'm rather proud of the results so far. i will certainly get pics up one of these days. i'm not digital cameraly endowed, and take my pics the old fashioned way, which entails the whole hurry up and wait cycle of taking pictures, finish the roll, send it out, etc. i know i'm behind the times, at least i finally got around to getting the cell phone within this past year. can you say ludite? not that i am one in a philosophical sense, i'm just not the cutting edge type.


At 6:44 PM, Blogger Jodi said...

The blog is looking great!

Had fun at SnB as always! :)


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