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it happened to me

i've read people's entries about losing their entire post just before publishing... you guessed it, i've joined their ranks. following is a similar account to the one i lost.

i emailed annie modesit about blocking the a-line bag and she kindly responded that i should steam it. i used my stock pot with the pasta insert. now, when i got this pot set i thought to myself, a pasta insert? how necessary is that? in fact, when i used it just a couple of days ago i told myself not to use the insert again as i found myself washing two pots rather than just the one i was accustomed to. i further grumbled to myself over the fact that it would become just another superfluous piece of cooking equipment to clutter up my already crowded cupboards. but... was i glad to have the insert when it came time to block a-line? you bet i was! i filled the stock pot with water just shy of the bottom of the insert, positioned the bag into said insert and steamed it like a lobster baby! so cool. the bag is now stuffed with the socks that are too small for aidan yet too big for des.

in a couple of days, i hope to knit up the handle at s&b. then i'll block that in the same way, and hopefully assemble the whole thing in time for the weekend so i can show it off to my knitting friend on friday. we are going up to north hampton ma for a yarn trip to webs on saturday. i'm bringing along only the weest progeny, she only makes the cut because of the whole breast feeding thing. she'll be no trouble, she is easily the lowest maintenance child i have. just us girls; i can't wait!


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