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odds and bits

my husband moved or removed the software i was using for posting pics and blogging without them seems too boring. but i have a lot of knitting news to share so here goes.

one of the boys' sweaters is finished! duo is completed and blocking as i blog. i can't wait to see it on desmond. it should just fit him, i hope he doesn't grow out of it before the cool enough weather comes for him to wear it in. now i just need to attack aidan's guernsey, i must say that i need a rest from finishing after duo. maybe next weekend.

i've also started the a-line bag. i am as far as shaping the bottom section of the lining. the circular needle is getting cumbersome now, and i'm trying to decide how to proceed. do i need to go out and buy some dpns? i'll try to avoid it if i can. it's a lovely bag in deep raspberry for the lining and a smoky blue raffia for the outside. the lace shows up more than i thought it would. it looks pretty neat. the only thing that really hasn't worked out for me is that the bag does not measure as high as the pattern states. i will most likely be giving this away as i have little use for a cute little bag such as this. everywhere i go, i am encumbered with the kids' paraphenalia. it will be a few years before i go back to traveling light. i have a very deserving recipient in mind. can't wait to see this all done!

oh yeah, i was blogging and the boys interrupted me. so, in the interim between my starting and coming back to finish this post, desmond has tried on the sweater and it looks awesome, a perfect fit. no room to grow, it will have a short but sweet season.

also, today our mac guru friend is dropping off my computer so i won't have to use hubby's anymore. i'll be able to have all the programs i want on it and not wonder where they've disappeared to when i no longer see them on the desktop. gold stars to hubby for sharing, he's been tolerant and patient with my use of his laptop these many weeks. what a good egg i married. what should i knit for him? he's too big for me to tackle a sweater... i must think on it.


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