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spiii, snb, etc.

hi spiii, i just wanted to thank you for the card i recently received in the mail. sorry it took me these couple of days to acknowledge it. i've actually been quite busy preparing something for my pal on the recieving end! isn't this fun?

snb tonight! i've been spoiled by these really big turnouts and am expecting another tonight. i hope to finish the fluffy cuff mittens and i plan to bring my store bought sweater to get advice and opinions on what to do with the yarn, if anything. i may also start slippers for the boys. yeah, right. i always get a lot less done than i think i will when i go there.

very little knitting done lately, a lot of early nights to bed though, which i guess must be what i really need. the body knows what it wants. i'm recovering from the very late sunday night that was the 80th birthday celebration of fil. it was great fun. the boys wore their handknit sweaters and got really great compliments, they both look so hansome in blue. beatrice had her booties on her feet at the house but managed to kick them off before i loaded her into the car, boo hoo.

the knitting highlight for me was the group picture being taken of popop with all his grandchildren and greatgrandchildren around him. there are 22 grand and 2 great grand, but who do you think got the 'place d'honeur' on popop's lap? you guessed it, the hansome boys in blue. how pathetic am i, this beautiful family moment and i only have eyes for my own knitting. actually, i find i am really cherishing that night. my husband's family is huge and was overwhelming for me at first, over a lot of years, i have finally gotten to know most everyone better and thank god that i have them since i am so far away from my own family.

i also recieved knitting books in the mail this week. 2 hardcovers for under 35, including shipping. took a while to get here but very reasonably priced. the titles were weekend knitting and knitting with beads. both very beautiful books. one is a giftie for someone. i plan on using weekend knitting right away to knit the slippers for the boys and a baby sweater for jacksonorlilly (we are still in suspense). the sweater is basically unisex so that i can finish and send it in time for the december due date.
enough typing. by now.


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