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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


swatch at nite

i swatched tiny tots for a baby sweater for lilyorjackson. the pattern is from weekend knitting. i think the nubby yarn is wasted on garter stitch but the pattern is just simple yet refined enough to go for girl or boy, and that's why i'm stickin to it.

as a relatively new knitter, under a year, i am caught in a philosophical dilemma. do i have several projects going at once and leave myself open to the prospect of ufo's filling every surface of my home? or do i have a project underway for every mood that hits me. last night, i could not bring myself to pick up the elf bootie. even though all i have left is the toe shaping. so, i broke down and swatched. now this new project is underway and the booties are hanging. i thank god that my life is such that this constitutes a 'problem'.

two babies are sleeping, one is at school, the other is giggling after the cat; how is your day going?


At 6:16 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Well, I am by no means a good example, since I suffer from shiny-object-itis, but I need to have a few different types of projects to combat that. I need something I can knit mindlessly on days when I am tired and can't focus, and I need interesting challenging projects for when I am not. I have times where I let it get out of hand (hmm... 4 sweaters underway? I think that is out of hand) but if you can limit the number of categories than you are good. :)


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