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HEADLINE: Bo Sox Decimate Stitch n Bitch

three at starbucks last night. the best three ;)
it appears the baseball game precluded the regular wednesday night outing for many of us. we look forward to seeing you next week, dears.

erica worked away on the second devil horn of her devil hat. i brought mine too but never got to it. it was kind of fun seeing how different, yet the same, they turned out. she used a much finer yarn and brighter red than i did. denise plugged away on... what else but socks? she furrowed her brow for many minutes over the fact that her second sock always ends up tighter than the first. this made me notice that the elf slipper i was working on was tighter than my first. and, erica observed that her devil horns weren't quite the same size. hmm. erica also worked on a swell ribbed hat that she seems to be designing on the fly. i haven't quite the nerve to surrender to my knitting that much yet. i am in admiration.

and, i recieved rowan goodies in the mail. so cool to have that big mag to peruse. and a little yarn to fondle too. i don't think i will use the kit as intended; i'll probably pass on the pattern and use the cork for a child's sweater. looking forward to it. there are at least three patterns that really appeal to me from the issue. one is the crewneck version of bay, another is the woman model's version of garth, there is also freya.
we talked a little about what a commitment sweater knitting is last night. though i dream of a beautiful wardrobe for myself perhaps i'll start small. bloom might be just the thing. i may go for a bright color with a cluster of vintage buttons in placel of the flowers... i am inpired to try this by action hero's fo. i admire many of the men's designs too. particularly finn and kirk. but if i can't bring myself to knit a size small for myself, imagine a man's sweater! especially a man as large as the one i have to knit for! i've never seen him in a cardigan anyway.

one of the kid's is battling diarhea induced diaper rash and another is puking. how is your day going?


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Jodi said...

I missed you guys!

I was feeling really tired and read some and then retired early. I watched some of the game, but knew it was gonna hopeless.. oh well. Ya win some, ya lose some.

At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I am glad for you some people showed up. It was an awesome game!!!! I feel like a zombie however from lack of sleep and working very long days this week. I even missed my monthly knit guild meeting this week because of work....:(


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Mama, my heart goes out to the little ones but to you even more. I noticed the time of your last post. eh. Here's hoping you get some sleep and they do, too. Clapotis will be lovely, but since I haven't seen the yarn in question, can't really make vote for color. Scratch that, how about somehting burgundy colored? What color is your coat?
All the best,
Ever yr Secret Pal 3
p.s. BOTL for a large envelope


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