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needles to nowhere

i feel like i'm spinning my wheels here. not much knitting going on lately as the littlest girl has decided to do most of her nursing at night for the last few days. she then sleeps soundly until early afternoon. hmm. gotta do something. i look forward to knitting all day but after the kiddies are to bed, she's either hungry or i'm just too beat to get out the needles.

last night i did wind the fur trim yarn for the boys' booties. it's to be worked double stranded so i had to get those strands friendly with each other on a rewound ball. one elf bootie slipper is finished up to the trim, and aidan doesn't mind wearing it all by its lonesome. it is the cutest thing. i highly recommend the elf slipper pattern in knitting weekend, it's quick, and it makes quite an impression. i feel it is great practice working up to trying socks, as i turned a small heel for it. i am less intimidated by the idea of socks now. i actually have some sock yarn marinating in the stash. but before i touch that i need to knit mom's mitts next, i think.

i'm thrilled to have a couple more projects wrapped up and waiting to be mailed. the black fluffy cuff mittens for kate and a little something for my secret pal. i had planned to go early this morning while all were still in bed but, i overslept because of the littlest girls bad habit. maybe tomorrow...

i also noticed a charge on my account from some yarn store i've never heard of but in an amount that matches what rowan charges for their membership, which i did sign up for and was informed it would be passed on to some representative state-side. i am just so excited to get my first mag in the mail from them. and, i wonder how long it takes to get the kit?


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I wish you the best of luck with your knitting.

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