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blog while you procrastinate

a lot to do today... so i'll blog instead.

i was just looking at my secret pal -recieving end's- blog and she got the package i sent her and seems very pleased. i have to say that just made my day. i will more than likely continue doing secret pal in the future.

i shopped this past week. i went back to fabric place because of all the sale yarn they had. though it was greatly diminished, i did pick up mitten yarn for kate's mittens, she requested the fluffy cuff mittens from the stitch n bitch book. for the cuff i picked up berrocco furz first, then went to needleworks to see if they carried plush in black, they did! so i got that and will return the furz. beatrices ugg booties are lined in off white plush and it is the softest thing going. i think kate will be pleased with my choice. i wish i could knit the mittens up in more fun colors than black but i guess that is what she will have the easiest time wearing, black it is then.

also, i picked up fiesta ware colored yarn (colors 1504,1592) for a tea cozy i would like to felt for sue. her girls made a gift to her of a tea pot in a color that matches her fiesta ware. i chose some classic elite two two yarn that i plan to stripe, at her request. i hope the yarn felts, i gotta do some swatching.

i am making headway on the second of bea's booties. they are so adorable. the cameraphones are being sent tomorrow, so hopefully i'll have pics to show you soon. i thought i would knit a ribbed cuff inside the bootie to help it stay on. it takes, seven seconds for her to kick it off, i timed it. but, after picking up all those stitches inside. i decided to try it on her with a sock before i embarked on the tedious task any forther. lo and behold, the right kind of sock helped the bootie stay in place for a few hours, before i removed it myself. on to more fun things.

i am discovering that paired items are not for me. after i finish the first one, i have little interest in doing another just like it. although, i find that i do learn more by doing the second one. i'll have to try that trick of knitting both up at the same time that i see others doing. i already do that with sleeves when i can. that's a large needle collection though.

sorry about my links not matching up right now, i haven't yet updated them from the time i lost them all.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

I agree about paired items, it's embarassing how many left socks I have.

What brand is the fiesta-coloured yarn?

Maybe I'll have to make a pilgramage to Fabric Place to check out that sale, I think I need some Halloween costume fabric anyway.


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