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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


yay dabba woo hoo!

there was a surprise waiting in my mail box today, the 2005, knitting pattern-a-day calendar from my secret pal. thanks sp! the big question on your mind: "did she look at every pattern already or will she wait for each date to pass?" what do you think... of course i looked at them all, and then did my best to put them back neatly in their box. gee whiz, if i was sending this to someone else, i might still have done it. i think my pal showed great restraint by not ripping back the plastic. thanks again pal. i've already experienced several minutes of enjoyment and look forward to the hours of knitting ahead.

another surprise! i've found something else for my 'to knit list' such a cool backpack, don't you think? i think one of my sister's in law would really dig this one. but first i have to make it, and then i have to part with it.

a little listie for myself to keep track of gift projects:
  • mitts for mom
  • mittens for kate
  • 2 hats for other nieces - one mostly done
  • backpack for laura
  • to be determined baby item for jacksonorlilly
  • slippers for aidan
  • booties for bea - one finished, second started
  • tea cozy for sue

that should keep for a while doncha think? i still have to finish a couple of items also. gotta get that camera soon. posting pictures will give me a world of motivation to finish.


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