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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.



we had, i think, 9 people show up last night. it was great to be such a large group. that included two new faces. it's very chatty when there are that many of us. i got a measley ugg bootie sole done, in two hours! that's all i did! i cannot bring anything that requies counting to these things anymore. the body of the bootie would have been fine. i also didn't have the first bootie to show off; i was the most disappointed one over that.

chris brought her spinning wheel and gave us a demonstration. i spun a few inches to give to my son. he thinks it's so cool that i made yarn. he is a cheap date. meanwhile his brother still refuses to wear the sweater i made him. i had to distract him for 20 minutes, while he pulled and raled against the sweater, until he forgot he had it on. it managed to stay on a couple of hours. it's too bad it's such a chore to get him to wear it as the colors are gorgeous on him with his sunbleached hair etc.

hubby is replacing our cell phones with new cameraphones; they should arrive next week. i understand the picture quality is not that good from those, but i'll try to post a few. they might be better than nothing.

gotta go, the boss (beatrice) wants her lunch.


At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see current pics of the of little ones. Maybe dad can help convince the towhead to model (briefly) the sweater? Enjoy Queen B!
Your SP3


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