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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.



first a nod to my secret pal, it was fun hearing from you in the comments section. if you spelunk in the archives of june and july you may catch a small glimpse of my kidlets.

and a couple more items i don't want to 'lose'. another contender for mom's mitts. and, something fun for myself. i spent some time perusing the new knitty. while the projects i really liked seemed too spicy for my blood, except the hallowig; i did find some things from previous issues that i would still like to try. the vest in question is loose enough to ride the transition from post partem pudge to back to a 'new definition of normal sagginess' well enough for me to embark on. from the current issue, i will keep clapotis in the back of my mind for when i feel brave enough. kate gilbert is one of those designers that keep popping up for me like modesit does. something i like, i check the name and say to myself, "oh, her again".

i have an ugg bootie to show the bitchin' stitchers tonight. i hope to have aline stitched together too. hopefully i'll have excitement to relay post stitchnbitch.

PISS! i lost the link for the mom's mitt's contender i mentioned earlier! and i have no idea where i found that pattern! here we go again. the pic was of a black pair of mitts with sort of an eyelet pattern arranged in diamonds on the back with a ruffle or picot edging. sound familiar to any or the five, or so, of you that read this?


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