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how sweet is our current snb moderator? she showed up last night because she knew i would be all by myself if she didn't. so nice. the time flew which attests to how pleasant it was despite the low attendance. as always, at least one of us learned something new. jodi suggested i close the hole in my aline bag handle with a stitch since it could be done invisibly as it is a perfect yo eyelet. thanks for the great advice goddess! why didn't i think of that?

some 'headway' was made on lil' devil. this is going to be a cute hat when it is done. i started on a circular but the cable had to be so short, the dpns were a much better way to go. i thought i lost a dpn while knitting outside, so this morning i went to scope out the area. no dpn, what i did find was a denise cable! i didn't even know that was missing! it's a good thing i was out there as my cables are not safe as it is; one of them has already succumbed to the rough knitting that was aline. at some tough and tight lace moment i snapped the connector at the join, oops. gotta be more careful. --the dpn was in my pocket.

did i mention desmond refused to wear his new sweater? we'll see if he warms up to it...


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Jodi said...

Awww. thanks. You're so sweet.

I don't really want to meet at Borders tonight!


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