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girl's day out

we had fun at webs. a blessing in disguise was that the check i depositted into my account had not yet cleared and so i was forced to restrain myself for lack of available funds. i purchased some very pretty debbie bliss merino wool in two colors, red and dark heather grey, for hats. some lovely blue lama wool for mitts. and, another random skein of something rag wool, of a natural neutral color that was a bargain, for i don't know what. the most fun was picking out chunky wool and fuzzy stuff, for slippers with trim at the cuff, for aidan.

no actually that wasn't the most fun. the most fun was all the raving the staff of the store did over beatrice when v put one of their display strawberry baby hats on her. she was the belle of the ball. they were calling each other over to see the little mascot /model decked out in the wares. her pretty white dress was even commented on. i was glad i dressed her as a girly girl as it was not wasted on these ladies; i enjoyed basking in the admiration very much. if she ends up a tomboy, at least i will have had these moments.

i still have to rework the handle for aline, block it and put it together. but... with all that new yarn hanging around i had to start the lil' devil hat, also for aidan. spoiled child. he flashes his beautiful dolphin smile in gratitude, it's so hard not to do for him. plus, whatever i make for him will eventually trickle down to the others as hand-me-downs.

lil' devil is giving me trouble. i have a baby pattern and an adult pattern. aidan is a toddler with a large noggin. the yarn i purchased is nothing like the guage called for. so, numerous starts and needle sizes later, after the third or fourth, i've actually lost count, frogging; i'm starting over on size 9s. i plan to make a couple more of these for cousins, so i hope i get this all worked out soon.

speaking of cousins. my brother's baby due in november is tentatively being called a girl. the sonogram technician is not 100 percent sure. i hope i'll be knitting for a girl. i'm going to hang back a little longer until we have some firmer specs. or, possibly start something in a natural color suitable for either lily or jackson. i prefer the name lily, but if you know my 'outdoors jock' brother, jackson will suit their family quite nicely as well.


At 4:34 PM, Blogger Karen said...

How long did it take you to get to Webs? I want to go there someday. I hear it is wonderful. I admire your restraint...can't say that I could have been that strong! ;)


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