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neither rain, nor sleet etc.

a great turnout at snb two weeks in a row! seven of us braved the soggy streets of newington to meet at the very happening starbucks there. we are not the only group meeting there, we've used that venue enough to notice that there are other 'regulars'. though we picked it to enjoy the nice patio for the last few weeks of warm enough weather, yesterday we were forced inside and i think we all enjoyed the inside space just as much. there are one or two new knitters to our group which keeps things fun and interesting.

i worked and worked on the ears for kittyville. i tried my own variation which i loved but put on facing in the wrong direction. i think i must have knit five different ears on that thing between the long weekend and yesterday's snb. now there are two ears on it though i find them a little too high on the hat and one is a little askew in relation to the other. i'm hoping to fudge their postition a little as i still have a second facing to do for each ear. overall it is still a very cute hat. and, i am proud of myself because the reason the ears faced the wrong direction was because the join that forms from knitting in the round in those first couple of rows was invisible after i wove in my end and i didn't realize which side was the back!


At 4:06 PM, Blogger Jodi said...

I had a great time this past week at SnB. I hope we keep having a great turnout.

Still laughing over the Nick Nolte story! :)


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