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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


you start by one step

here is my newly created blog, supposedly to motivate me, but more realistically to distract me and sidetrack me from all the things i should really be doing. it will be up to me each day; should i use this for good or evil? i'm feeling like the mere act of writing is a good thing as my intellect has been turning to mush over the past twelve months with almost exclusively child-centered interaction. at the very least, this should serve to diminish the rapid rate at which my vocabulary has been deteriorating.
i did say something about this pertaining to knitting somewhere? here's the scoop. i've completed 2 baby sweaters, a baby hat, and a crocheted baby hat since i started this knitting thing in march. i am currently working on two toddler sweaters and annie modessits aline purse. the sweater i work most on has the back completed. the challenging, learn something part was the moss stitch anchor i added to the front of this debbie bliss simple child guernsey design. the anchor is complete, it should be smooth sailing for the remainder of the front, the sleeves and the finishing.
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